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Damien Woody of NY Jets Eats 2,500 Wings

In the midst of the “Rex Ryan losing control of his NY Jets” rant today on ESPN Talk Radio, the conversation took an interesting turn when the topic of food came up. They were interviewing former offensive lineman Damien Woody, and somehow the conversation diverted from play politics to him and the entire offensive line once eating 2,500 wings. Wings as in the chicken wings at the bar that occasionally given the right day one can shamefully admit to orderering 12. Well try 250. 250 for yourself and not for the entire bachelor party later on that day. That’s exactly how many were portioned off for each of his teammates. So who has the ultimate chicken wing obsession??? The former NY Jets offensive tackle whose weekly grocery bill is probably over a thousand dollars. That’s who.

Photo Source nypost.com

With this Nephilim type appetite along with his wife and 7 kids, their local grocery store is officially declared recession-proof and will probably never go out of business. So next time you think you’re being a badass by upping your 8 piece order of chicken wings at your local BW3s, BBQs or Wing Stop (depending on where you live), know that you are not..

Photo Source Helmet2Helmet.com

I see why my dad used to joke about me having the appetite of a linebacker..

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Happy Hour Moment of The Week – Savoy, Pittsburgh

The happy hour moment of the week goes to Savoy in Pittsburgh, PA.  Although the urban elite flooded restaurant doesn’t have a happy hour menu per se, you can certainly indulge in happiness for at least an hour at this sexy bar with their lounge menu.

Trio Appetizer Plate – Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Arugula Salad and warm Vegetable Strudel $14

Although the food itself fluctuates from “ok I’ve had way too much to drink and I’m not sure how this affects my experience with this tilapia and braised asparagus” to mediocre, the experience is moreso about ambience..


decent cocktails..

and celebrity sitings.

Tyson Beckford – courtesy of ppg.com

So if you wanna run into the who’s who in Pittsburgh, as well as indulge in a great martini while you’re in town on business and itching to not go back to the regular hotel bar, Savoy has what you need.

Ice Tea and Ice Cube


From the Thrillist FB page

Marvin Gaye’s Belgian Soul Salvation in Washington DC

The Shaw neighborhood restaurant called Marvin is the designated go to spot on Monday night in Washington DC for a reason. The atmosphere and the vibe, combined with a little dose of my ‘former home’ nostalgia made for a great evening. It mentally took me back to the Republic Gardens, Howard U, Adams Morgan, and all things U Street days in the District. Along with the perfectly concocted martini the bistro level bartender cleverly created, my friend insisted that I try the Chimay.

Since I left beer behind with my yard days at NCA&T I was a bit hesitant. Curiosity along with his commercial ready background on the particular brand made me try it anyway. Need-less-to-say it was really good. Not to mention it is an authentic Trappist beer which translates to the champagne of beers, and is a part of the International Trappist Association. It also comes in the Red, the Triple, and the Blue Cap and has a line of cheeses perfect for pairing. Yeah this beer is kinda major and might quietly be a movement.

Courtesy of Chimay Official Site

It also ties into the history of Marvin and its Belgian marriage to soul. The story of Marvin Gaye and his journey to find solace overseas in Ostend, Belgium was apparently the inspiration behind this bistro, bar and rooftop establishment. This restaurant has a tremendous amount of history which is apparent by the décor the minute you walk in. The musical legend was born and raised just around the corner in this Shaw neighborhood and his spirit lingers on with the locals.  The Belgian culture plaid an integral role in his personal and spiritual development after his open and quite publicized inner struggles.  So frankly the beer makes sense, as does the menu, the theme and everything else.   I think the creators of Marvin have done a proper job of combining the cafe society of Belgium, with the proud soul of the Shaw neighborhood in DC. The next time I’m in town I will have to see if Chef James Claudio’s food is as good as the concept, because everything else is winning.  Truly an amazing place..


Michael Ealy’s Noodle Love Affair


Photo by Nigel Parry/USA Network

..Suddenly I want Chinese.

The Great Googa Mooga Says Marcus Samuelsson

So in case you’re a NYC local and haven’t heard, or are a part of that NYC elite that can easily toss $250 for a street festival in Brooklyn that any other weekend would’ve easily been $10, get your black, gold or silver credit cards out because there are still tickets left to the Great Googa Mooga’s “Extra Mooga” food festival on Sunday.  Thanks to Marcus Samuelsson’s blog, I know Brooklyn will be housing the all inclusive food and drink lover’s wonderland at Prospect Park this weekend.  Although it’s said that general admission to the Great Googa Mooga is sold out or that registration has closed rather, you still can partake in the festivities that include a lot of food, a lot of drink, and don’t quote me, but I believe the legendary Roots headlining also.  So if it sounds like your cup of chai tea, just go to the site and check it out for yourself.  Oh and please do tell me how it was come Sunday.  I have a strange feeling I won’t be making this one.  Wouldn’t mind meeting Bourdain though..

Join Marcus at Extra Mooga this Sunday.





Kevin Hart Says No to Pineapples, I Say Yes

Although I’m nowhere near the point in life of being faced with athritic type issues, I say yes to pineapples.  Even though I’m known to reference drinks that strengthen the heart and seal a wound, and even though we’re fully aware of Kevin Hart and his disdain of pineapples, here are a few things to consider. Granted comedian man isn’t speaking in a literal sense, but none-the-less the topic of pineapples has been completely redefined through his comedic gestures.  While these spirit lifting cocktails and fermented grape beverages that I speak of can figuratively strengthen the heart, this illustration below will clearly prove that there are fruits that literally will do just that. In addition to wine of course, which would eliminate the fermented grape beverages line.  Anyway, you might want to print this one out and stick it on the side of your refrigerator, or cube at work, or simply store it in your brain for future reference.  I think it’s ideal for everyone, but more specifically people like myself who shamefully have no problem getting Betty Crocker in the kitchen and baking a cake at 1:00 in the morning depending on how the day is going. It’s no mistake that fruit curbs sugar cravings.  So I say go for it.  Print this baby out and fight the infamous sugar obsession monster that you know you have.Photo courtesy of David Sommers

Photo courtesy of David Sommers

Edible Treasures at Antrel Rolle NFL Draft Week Party

So as I waited for my fashionably late friends to show up to the TR Luxury Group’s first series of NFL Draft Parties of the week, I conversed with the lovely Ms. Vicky P of Cakes By Me Vicky P.  She was waiting on her staff and I was waiting on my friends, so we chatted it up about the important issues in life like red velvet, buttercream dream, carrot cake, and Antrel Rolle and how well he layers onto a cake.  I sampled her edible treasures and was delightfully surprised.  Her cakes were actually rich, moist and tasteful, and not just beautiful and dry.  Kudos to Vicky.  Although it would’ve been nice to have sampled the Philippe Chow passed hors d’oeuvres pre-Cakes By Me Vicky P, my palate was happy. 


Lupe Fiasco’s Donut Burger

….I said the same thing. I’m just the messenger image downloader. I’m not sure what type of appetite would warrant this type of behavior on my end. Apparently TMZ forgot to report the Kick Pusher with the Go Go Gadget flow had a bun in his oven. That or some hella hydro in his system. Ah well, gotta love Lupe.

Levon Helm, My Dad’s Obsession

Frontman and drummer for The Band, Levon Helm passed away yesterday.  And although I didn’t know much about the musical legend and his group, I know he inspired Elton John to write the song that my dad was obsessed with before I was born.  I also know he made an enormous contribution to the musical world and gave a name for my dad’s newborn girl. He was interviewed with Modern Drummer describing the “right ingredients” for his work in music and film as “life and breath, heart and soul”, kind of like the ingredients that are thrown into some of my obsessions.  So I bid adieu to the legendary Levon Helm and ask GOD to allow him to rest in peace.  May 26, 1940 – April 19, 2012

02 – Levon, Elton John

Justin Timberlake’s sexy is not back in his restaurant..

So I heard a lot about Justin Timberlake‘s restaurant Southern Hospitality, and had only visited the one on the UES NY for a private party.  And because I’m not one to always rely on other people’s judgement like I did with Idlewild, when everyone bashed that movie and I simply adored it and thought Bryan Barber was genius, I decided to formulate my own opinion.  Also we happened to conveniently walk by the Hell’s Kitchen location and therefore decided to give it a shot despite the not so rave reviews.  Although the astmosphere mentally completely took me home to North Carolina, the food on the other hand unfortunately didn’t quite match up.  The drink was weird but that could’ve possibly been due to me being fancy and modifying the ingredients.  The fried buffalo shrimp tasted and looked buffalo but was more like mush shrimp than fried.  The mac n cheese was a step up but wasn’t anything special to warrant an ooooooh moment. So if you want to go for the sake of saying you went to good ol’ JT’s restaurant, then by all means stop by.  But do just that. Don’t order the buffalo shrimp and don’t get cute with the drinks.  If you’re in the mood for BBQ’s but want something a quarter of a star fancier and minus the crowd, the inflated prices will definitely help you with that illusion.

Frank Ocean Coachella Live Stream

This has absolutely nothing to do with the remarkable insanely delicious slice of cheesecake in front of me right now, however I think I owe it to my readers to let them know that umm Frank Ocean is streaming live on Coachella right now. Why WP won’t allow me to upload the link is beyond me.  So it’s up to you to copy and paste the link into your browser at this point and enjoy the show like I’m about to do. Channel 2.


Marina and the Diamonds Obsessions

Well we all have our little obsessions. Good to know the new wave/indie pop Welsh songstress does too. “I’m Marina, you are the diamonds”.

Unfortunately what the video won’t tell you, wait for it, this is good stuff…  …..She obsesses over Chinese food too.

Laz Alonso’s Latin Lunch

http://instagr.am/p/JQDtQbrSyd/ (Laz Alonso Instagram)

So I took a brief peak into Mr. Alonso’s world (it’s an automatic bet that someone is paying more attention than usual, or for lack of better words drooling over someone when they refer to them as Mr. or Mrs. - correct me if I’m wrong).  In my prying I discovered his latin lunch of  “fresh shrimp and avocado tostada #b4”.  Hope it’s yummy as..  …it looks. One could now drool over the b4 ceviche type dish courtesy of his Instagram -aka- the company that left Facebook with a billion dollar tab. Which leads me to wonder how many b4′s Zuckerberg could acquire in a lifetime with that.   Eh’ doesn’t matter.  We have the lovely Megamillion winners to envy to take the shift off of Mark for a while.  Bon appetit Laz.  Or Mr. Alonso if you have my set of eyes.

Photo courtesy of The Buzz in the City

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